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EXCELLO Illuminated - RGB Headset stand

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EXCELLO Illuminated Headset Stand 


The EXCELLO Illuminated Headset Stand is a practical and elegant solution for any gaming setup. The space-saving design keeps headsets close at hand while preventing clutter and annoying cable clutter. In addition, the multicolored lighting, which can be changed via a touch sensor, creates a pleasant atmosphere. So that the sound is right as well as the look, the 7.1 sound card with the right software offers a large number of setting options as well as rich surround sound. Headsets can be connected either via a 3.5mm jack plug or a USB connection. In addition, up to three additional devices can be connected via the integrated USB hub. Thanks to the non-slip underside of the EXCELLO, a secure footing is guaranteed at all times, even on smooth surfaces.

Dimensions: 130 × 125 × 265mm